Content Building & Orgnisation

Creating & building excellent, content is a critical component to a well optimized website, without it google cannot understand what a website is about. Most clients have the ability to create this content themselves and usually are the best qualified and most knowledgeable in the specific field they want to rank for.

For this reason I usually give a roadmap when new content is required over creating it from scratch myself. Organization of current content is something I specialize in, in the majority of cases the content necessary to rank highly already exists, it just might not be in a digital format or perhaps it's all on one page or maybe it's not accessible to robots, each project requires unique analyses of the current content situation, and on the future of content creation site wide.

Foreign language content : I have had extensive experience in replicating the same basic principles of content creation for Spanish, Chinese, French and Dutch Languages websites with greater success, I find that the principles of SEO in these markets has not yet been developed to the extent of the English .com market, thus leaving these search engines easier to rank higher.

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