Alimentos Kamuk Project Requirements Web Design / SEO Consultant : 2008, Costa Rica

User Interface Design / Joomla 1.5 / SEO

Kamuk needed a site redesign from an out of date 6 page html site to something dynamic and easy to navigate, It also needed be easily to update and rank better in Goggle as well as portray a clean Professional image to potential customers. My solution was to use Joomla CMS with custom templates.

Link Exchanges I After identifying areas of their business that could contribute more to the website I created this new design. The new look incorporated multiple variations and layouts so as not to make every page of the site identical. The home page was designed to utilized as much of the sites content whilst maintaining an eye catchy appeal. It is also worth mentioning that the design won a award from

This project was my first time using any Joomla system, I learned a lot, sometimes the processes I used were not the most efficient, however it taught me there are many ways do something inside Joomla. 4 years later i have refined the way in which I work with Joomla, from minimizing templates to incorporating Joomla's one click upgrade feature to the ease of front end editing for clients.


Single Screen Interface We were required to develop a popular product range which displayed a uniform picture of each product, a description and the products packing specifications.
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